Central Valley Caregivers Delivery Service

About Us

Central Valley Caregivers  is a mutual-benefit nonprofit corporation specializing as a Modesto Medical Marijuana delivery service. We are dedicated to serving our patient members - or any certified medical cannabis patient with a licensed California Doctor's Recommendation Letter - with a speedy home delivery service for safe and legal access to medical marijuana in Modesto , California.

Our collective group of cannabis patients benefit from our selection of high-quality medical-grade cannabis; our experienced and welcoming professional staff; And our safe, reliable, discreet and speedy home delivery service to our Modesto patient members.

In full compliance with the California Attorney General's Guidelines, California Senate Bill 420 and Prop. 215, H&S 11362.5, Central Valley Caregivers is a fully permitted and state licensed medical marijuana collective in Modesto, owned and operated by experienced medical cannabis growers and consultants.

Our friendly and knowledgable staff of professionals and consultants work alongside members in order to provide safe and legal access to all qualified patients. In order to protect our patient member's rights of the legal use of medical marijuana in Modesto, Central Valley Caregivers requires all members who wish to use our delivery service to have a written recommendation letter from a California licensed doctor and a valid California drivers license or California Medical Marijuana ID Card.

Our Vision, Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals
Central Valley Caregivers is on a mission to become the most reliable, reputable, safe and convenient Modesto medical marijuana delivery service for all of our patients who desire discreet and speedy access to the highest grade medical cannabis available in Modesto .

Our goals as a Mutual Benefit Nonprofit Corporation in California are to provide our patient members with:

  • Customer service consistent with the highest standards
  • Premium selection of quality herbal medication and alternative solutions to organic health and wellness
  • Access to important informationrmation about medical cannabis and organic healing
  • Knowledge on growing and maintaining cannabis plants with optimal yields
  • Compassionate care to those who are suffering and in need of holistic healing
  • Fair donation amounts for all high-grade strains
  • Consultations for medical marijuana patients and primary caregivers 

Our Grand Vision
At Central Valley Caregivers we are passionate for the cause and honest use of legal medical marijuana in Modesto, and we believe that it should be embraced by society as a whole making it readily accessible to qualified medical marijuana patients anywhere, at any time.

We view the state of California as a progressive culture, where the rights of our patients are to be legally protected, and that the cultivation and partition of medical marijuana dispensaries should be legalized nationwide in accordance with the highest standards of responsibility and care.

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